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    (ees’-lah pah-len’-kay)

    Isla Palenque is a 400-acre private island resort in a secluded corner of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. This is the ideal destination for travelers who desire a luxury adventure travel experience in Panama away from the touristy areas – those who seek uniquely Panamanian wilderness experiences, meaningful interactions with the local people, exploration of a pristine private island paradise, and relaxation at a sophisticated and luxurious eco-resort that celebrates natural beauty, local Panama adventure activities, gourmet authentic cuisine, and holistic wellness offerings.

    While it may seem that you’ve discovered the ends of the earth at our Panama resort, we are located just one hour from the modern hub of David, Panama, making Isla Palenque an ideal choice for those seeking Panama real estate that feels like a remote sanctuary without incurring the inconvenience of one.

    I am beginning to think it may be impossible in words to actually share how incredibly unique, and how incredibly awesome, a visit to this place can be.
    [ stayed April 2013 ] "

    The Island

    Our resort’s website includes pages dedicated to the island, the location, the climate, and our sustainability efforts, and you can learn more about Isla Palenque via our columns on The Ambler (our blog) dedicated to nature and wildlife on the island, and to sharing firsthand accounts of island discovery.

    The Resort

    For more information about our luxury eco-resort, browse the following pages:
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