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    We began blogging almost as soon as we spotted Isla Palenque for the first time, and you can follow that journey from beginning to present by navigating the posts tagged Isla Palenque. As we began to plan and build our resort, Amble employees became expats, writing about Living Abroad in Panama and helping to create our Panama Guide. Even our company Founder blogs: he’ll keep you up-to-date on construction progress and the creation of our cocktail menu – we leave the important stuff to the President. To fulfill your pre-trip excitement, we recommend reading firsthand stories from life on our island in the column Live from Isla Palenque, or browsing articles about Panama culture, cuisine and wildlife.

    If you’re passionate about life-changing travel, we’re sure our travel stories will engage your inner adventurer. Meet incredible species in the wild, taste a local specialty, learn the ancient customs of indigenous cultures, and find expert guidance for your next life-changing journey.

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