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  • Our Island Sanctuary

    In the heart of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama you’ll find Isla Palenque, a long-forgotten island sanctuary where extraordinary wilderness enjoys careful stewardship by a team of eco-resort companies founded on the principles of natural and cultural preservation. As a guest of our Panama resort, you'll have endless opportunities to relish both adventure and relaxation within the wild embrace of this pristine island. This characterization of Isla Palenque as a place of refuge goes much deeper than our own present-day experiences on the island: in ancient times, the island was revered by indigenous tribes as a place of sacred significance: they called it "Palenque", meaning sanctuary.

    Isla Palenque is some 400 acres, with five miles of coast and over a mile and a half of soft volcanic beaches, ranging from a large, zebra-striped crescent beach which faces the setting sun and forms most of the island’s southwest side, to numerous secluded private and hidden beaches, known only to those who explore the island extensively. Stunning views of the ocean stretch in every direction, whether from one of our pristine beaches, wild rocky outcroppings, serene coconut groves, or craggy ridges covered with ancient trees.

    Isla Palenque's beauty doesn't stop at the coast; the island offers an incredibly lush and varied interior. Hike dramatic bluffs in a verdant tropical forest, take in the view from gently rolling hills, pass along primordial lagoons, or study precious mangroves: our 220-acre nature preserve provides miles of trails for exploration.

    Isla Palenque is an idyllic habitat for an enormous variety of native plants, animals... and discriminating travelers. The longer you stay on Isla Palenque, the more she reveals her mysteries and treasures to you.

    Hawk fish swimming underwater Iguana relaxing on a tree branch howler monkey hanging in tree

    After years of island exploration, we are still learning about this stunning natural wonder. Share our discoveries past and present (and tell us about your own) on our blog, The Ambler.

    With lots of in-house insight, plus interviews from locals and expats in Panama, we publish the best travel blog for explorers in Chiriqui, Panama and beyond. Our island discovery posts will take you on a thrilling virtual tour of Isla Palenque to tide you over until your arrival:

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    Panama Rocks! Volcanic Stone Gardens on Isla Palenque

    Island Enchantment -- Swept Away by Beauty on Isla Palenque

    The Sounds of Isla Palenque

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    Learn how to pronounce "Isla Palenque" and share in the etymological and historical significance behind this Panamanian island's authentic name. Read More

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