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  • Luxury Adventure Travel in Panama

    Experience Our Luxury Eco-Resort Immersed in the Wild Jungle

    Panama island resort Isla PalenqueSip your morning coffee slowly with the sunning iguanas while tropical birds sing and curious monkeys look on from the treetops. Your inner explorer awakens as you venture into an old-growth forest rising over a hundred feet above you. Feel your heart race as you hook a fish swimming 120 miles per hour, and feel it swell as an indigenous Ngöbe–Buglé child reaches out to touch your hand. Each day of Panama adventure wanes in the glow of a spectacular sunset, the island’s invitation to rest your legs spent from hiking while savoring a gourmet dinner with new island friends… until the deepening evening moves you to seek a moment’s solitude on a deserted beach, to experience peacefulness so profound that the stars align. Breathe deeply of the fresh island air as the ocean lulls you to sleep.

    Rest well -- because still more island adventures wait for tomorrow.

    On Isla Palenque, sustainable tourism doesn't mean roughing it -- it means that your tropical fantasy is fulfilled in sophisticated style, at a luxury eco-resort that has been designed for unparalleled immersion in the wilderness.

    It's truly an over-the-top experience both in the beauty of the island, the amazing attentiveness and friendliness of the staff, and the beautiful way the buildings are nestled into the trees, rocks and surroundings. [ stayed March 2013 ] "

    Every aspect of our Panama island has a story: the ancient history of our nature preserve; the myths and traditions of our local staff; time-honored recipes infused with fresh produce from our on-site organic farm. Our promise is that you will leave Isla Palenque with an understanding of the powerful bond between humanity and wilderness that defines the culture, history and legacy of Panama.

    The experience on Isla Palenque isn’t for everyone, but if our careful stewardship of this wild island and sustainable approach to luxury adventure travel are in line with your values, we invite you to pursue your next life-changing travel experience at our Panama resort.

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