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    lounging by pool and bonfire

    No luxury could ever overshadow the grandeur of a pristine jungle island adorned with private beaches and hidden coves, utterly yours for the discovering. Our attentive personalized service ensures you experience indulgent, immersed-in-nature relaxation and poignant exploration opportunities that suit your natural inclinations and passions. We believe in a select set of creature comforts focused on high-end quality over needless extravagance that elevates our island experience from eye-opening to mind-blowing – no more, no less.

    Experience comfortable sophistication at our boutique luxury eco-resort:

    Personalized Service

    Personalized Service On Isla Palenque, service is personal. We don't believe in a "one size fits all" service policy -- we're here to attend your needs, without unnecessary fuss or frills. Rest assured, we take care of all those tiny details that don't call a lot of attention to themselves, but that make all the difference: cleaning your room twice a day, keeping a team member on-call for whenever you might need something, and helping you choose tours and activities that suit your particular passion. More than that, we're happy to accommodate your vegetarian preferences at our restaurants, fetch the allergy medicine you forgot, email you a song you loved when you heard it playing at the resort, or help surprise your travel partner with a private beach dinner.

    The mix of luxury, attention to detail, attentiveness of staff and adventure was just perfect. From the beautiful oceanfront room down to the gourmet food and drinks, no detail was overlooked. [ stayed April 2013 ] "

    Our number-one focus is to ensure that your travel experience is everything you dreamed it would be -- this is unique to every guest, and we want your unique story to become part of ours. We won't wait on you hand-and-foot in a way that disconnects you from our team; we don't want to be invisible to you -- we want to be there for you. In addition to ensuring your comfort and providing luxury amenities and services, our team members will always have an open ear and a willingness to accommodate your adventure pursuits. We'll take care of you, and the island will take care of the adventure, for a truly once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

    Infinity-Edge Pool

    Infinity Edge Pool Where does the refreshing water of our infinity pool end and the endless sparkle of the Gulf of Chiriqui begin? Naturally-purified water from our island’s aquifer cascades over massive volcanic boulders from our two-tiered waterfall pool -- take a refreshing dip in the infinity-edge upper tier, or lounge beside the twelve-foot waterfall in the wading pool below. Hotel attendants supply fluffy towels, refreshing cocktails and scrumptious snacks as you bask in the beauty of this distinctive place.

    ...the service made this HANDS DOWN the best vacation we have ever experienced... [ stayed April 2013 ] "

    Palm Grove Spa

    * Closed during expansion, but in-room massages can be arranged.*

    Luxury Spa To the soothing melody of ocean waves amid the shelter of a palm grove, weary hiking muscles and everyday problems will simply melt into oblivion at our open-air island spa. Local botanicals from the island and nearby mountains foster a deeper connection to the harmonious balances found in your pristine natural surround. Our simple holistic offerings will range from post-hike massages to indulgent couples’ treatments. Visit the Wellness page for the details of our spa menu.

    World-Class Cuisine

    World-Class authentic Cuisine Local ingredients and authentic dishes become chic, thanks to modern twists on the traditional food of Panama and inspiration from the beach bonfire. The fresh island air stirs the palate as you savor delectable dishes and island cocktails infused with produce from our organic farm. Whether you choose to eat at Edén, our authentic-with-an-update Panamanian restaurant, or at Las Rocas, our island grill, your culinary adventures are complimented by an elegant open-air setting and impeccable service for a gourmet tropical dining experience. View our Dining page for more details on our resort's restaurants.

    Organic Farm

    Organic produce Farm Sink your teeth into something fresh from our on-site produce farm. From trees planted generations ago, to the hilly orchard and organic farm we maintain, we celebrate Panama’s natural abundance with each harvest of juicy mangoes, luscious limes, velvety avocados, and a bevy of other fruits, vegetables and herbs for our Panama resort’s restaurants. We'll be planting choice seedlings from our orchard near many vacation homes and hotel suites — so you will be able to reach out and grab a fruit right from the tree growing next to your deck.

    Forest Preserve

    Forest nature Preserve We've carefully laid miles and miles of trails within the 220-acre nature preserve and around the island so that you can safely navigate the coastline and wild jungle, whether on a guided hike or through solo exploration. With old-growth trees up to 10 feet in diameter and over 100 feet tall, the jungle offers a unique Panama adventure every time you enter. You may come upon a 6-foot-long, rainbow-hued iguana, a giant anteater, or a family of howler monkeys -- every slope and turn brings a new surprise, a new view, and a new perspective of the astounding ecological wonders found in the protected forests of Isla Palenque.

    Special Events

    Extraordinary Location Celebrate your life's milestones in a place of timeless beauty. Isla Palenque provides a stunning backdrop of unblemished nature, imbued with an ecological significance that touches the heart. Treat your guests to the pleasures of this extraordinary location, augmented by our personalized event details, indulgent island service and a gourmet menu. Contact us to plan your special event.

    When the second phase of the luxury eco-resort at Isla Palenque opens in 2017, we'll be offering more luxury amenities – a fully-serviced marina and yacht club, professionally-staffed kids center, fitness center, and an expanded jungle spa.

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