• Is Isla Palenque Right For Me?

    Isla Palenque is different.

    While we promise luxury, the luxury you experience on Isla Palenque is of an unprecedented sort. It is the luxury of living so completely immersed in nature, you can step off your veranda and into the jungle, treading red-earth footpaths through emerald tunnels to reach expansive, breathtaking beaches. But that’s not to say the effortless elegance of your accommodations appears second-rate alongside our island’s stunning natural attractions – rather, the man-made and the natural blend seamlessly so that the beauty of the island doesn’t end upon entrance to your suite. After a day of exploration, you’ll likely be a little sweaty, maybe a little dirty – but an invigorating day on the island will have you primed for an indulgent evening of gourmet dining where your only responsibility is to toast tomorrow’s adventure.

    Overall a great place to vacation if you are the 'let's do it' kind of person. You CAN just sit by the pool all day but the island has so much to offer I suggest you take advantage of it. [ stayed March 2013 ] "

    We’ve created a Panama resort especially for the person who yearns to explore a place that remains miraculously undiscovered by most of the world, and who understands that sometimes it takes a little longer to veer off the beaten path. A person who prefers raw beauty over immaculate landscaping, who is more excited to “get out there” than concerned with what the humidity might do to their hair, and who seeks to escape the tourist trap, not fall into it. We aim to please those inclined to order the dish they've never heard of before, who are willing to find out how well passive cooling strategies eliminate the need for A/C, and who embrace the tropics with an application of bugspray and sunscreen while others simply complain of bites and burns. If by traveling to Panama, you hope to learn what "Arabica" means when you take your morning coffee, to make a local friend whose childhood stories you’ll proudly recount, and earn the best massage you ever had with a challenging hike you’ll never forget, well, you’ll love it here.

    While we encourage exploration, we don’t expect you to be a daredevil, hiking expert, or a rock climber. You don’t have to like insects, but you must understand that we can’t make them disappear. With an open mind and an adventurous soul, you’ll relish the endless opportunities for relaxation and the rewards of exertion in equal measure -- we’ve created sophisticated spaces for basking at our infinity pool, on the beach, or at the spa, and it’s not uncommon for guests to get lost in conversation over leisurely meals in our resort’s restaurants. At Isla Palenque, “eco luxury” doesn’t mean roughing it, it just means keeping the ‘wild’ in ‘wilderness’ and appreciating what a wondrous thing that is. If you know just what we mean, come join us in celebrating this extraordinary paradisiacal island in Chiriqui, Panama through immersion and exploration, whether you like to take it slow and easy or head straight for the hardest path.

    If you seek the extraordinary over the merely comfortable, and travel so that you may expand your knowledge and experience of the world, by all means, let us show you your room.

    Browse our experience, tours, cuisine, rooms, and amenities to envision your adventures at our luxury eco-resort. If you’re still unsure whether Isla Palenque is right for you, our post on The AmblerLuxury Redefined” divulges which traditional luxury resort amenities we choose not to offer, and why.

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