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    Although it’s tempting (and completely acceptable) to stay on our paradisiacal island for the entirety of your trip, we are also the perfect jumping-off point to adventures that abound on mainland Chiriqui, Panama. Cool off in the cloud forest microclimate, sip the world’s best coffee, connect with indigenous peoples in secluded mountain villages, and embark on a unique Panama adventure to explore Chiriqui’s misty highlands and lush countryside. The beauty of the Chiriqui province is that its most striking places are still rarely visited: indigenous children look up with wide eyes at newcomers in their midst, and the hiking trails have time to grow over between guided treks. For travelers who seek to experience extraordinary lands before tourism has a chance to alter them, Panama is a dream – if you know where to go.

    Our mainland tour options include three regular tours to Chiriqui, in addition to charter tour options with select partners for those who wish to explore Panama City on the way to or from Isla Palenque.

    Visit with the Ngöbe–Buglé & Waterfall Hike

    Currently Unavailable

    Less than an hour away from Isla Palenque lies the town of Soloy, nestled into a picturesque river valley and home to a village of Ngöbe–Buglé people, members of Panama's largest indigenous group. Tours are new to this village: ours are the only regular tours offered here, in partnership with the local Ngöbe–Buglé who are excited to host their first guests. Children of the community will welcome you with a traditional dance performance, and local artisans will explain the process of weaving their all-natural chacara bags, which you’ll have an opportunity to purchase along with other indigenous handicrafts. A local guide will lead your hike through the ecosystem that provides the tribe’s sustenance and influences their folklore, to reach a hidden waterfall. You will be served lunch outdoors at a local home -- don’t be surprised if a group of shy onlookers gathers to see if you enjoy the traditional Ngäbe meal served to you with great pride – it takes a village to grow, harvest, and raise the various elements of this humble feast. As the tribe endeavors to lift their culture out of poverty and into a flourishing modern existence, this tour provides a wonderful way to share and sustain the colorful, simple lifestyle of the Ngöbe people.

    Difficulty: Medium | Price: $140

    Minimum number of participants: 4

    A Day in Boquete: Coffee Farms & Cloud Forests

    Scenic views of mist-mantled peaks and fine Panamanian coffee: the perks of a visit to Boquete. Your day's excursion includes guided tour and time for strolling and dining in the quaint downtown area, plus an option to go cupping at the world-renowned Café Ruiz plantation or gliding over the cloud forest on a canopy zip line tour. Continue your adventures in coffeeland with a guided hike down the Pipeline Trail, home to Panama's famed Resplendent Quetzal, before making your way home to Isla Palenque in time for dinner at Edén.

    Difficulty: Easy / Medium, depending on zipline option

    Price: $140 (includes guided tour) / $195 (with zip line tour)

    Minimum number of participants: 4

    Monkey Sanctuary & Waterfall Hike

    Currently Closed

    The howler monkeys swinging in the treetops on Isla Palenque are so fun to observe that you’re going to wish you could get up there and play with them. While cuddling with wild monkeys is prohibited on Isla Palenque, we can allow you to interact with them at the Alouetta Monkey Lodge, located just an hour from Isla Palenque, and sanctuary to abandoned pet monkeys who are more comfortable lazing away in your arms than in the treetops. After you’ve had your fill of monkeying around, it’s time to witness Chiriqui, Panama’s hidden natural wonder – the La Chorcha waterfall. A steep 90-minute climb rewards you with 180-degree view of the Gulf of Chiriqui – on clear days Volcan Baru and the border between Panama and Costa Rica can be spotted. Enjoy an alfresco lunch as you take in the views. As on your journey out, the return trip includes narration from your local guide – but feel free to take a note from the lazy howlers and simply enjoy an afternoon nap.

    Difficulty: Medium-Hard | Price: $140

    Custom Private Tours

    Contact us to arrange a custom private tour that caters to your particular interest.

    Tour Sizes

    To provide the best experience, we’ve defined a minimum and maximum number of participants for each of our tours, ranging from 2 to 10 guests depending on the tour.

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    The Experience

    A Guide to our Tours

    Easy: Our easy tours are suitable for any age and involve minimal physical exertion such as walking jungle trails at a leisurely pace and hiking small slopes.

    Medium: Our medium tours are fit for individuals of good health and over the age of 8. These tours include more physically challenging activities such as climbing steeper inclines, hiking through dense sections of the island, and at times using one’s hands and feet to maneuver rocky coastal ecosystems.

    Hard: Our most challenging tours are made for those who love to push themselves physically, and usually involve specialized skills (you will learn them as part of the tour) and an hour or more of elevated physical activity such as ocean kayaking or rock- or tree- climbing. The age limit depends on the individual tour and the experience of the individual.

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