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  • Rooms & Rates at our Panama Resort

    * Until mid-2018, the Villa Estate is the only available rental at Isla Palenque: enjoy your own private island during this limited time. *

    Panama resort main view

    Take yourself to a place most people can only dream about . . . an enchanting private island in Panama of pristine beaches and wild forests that beckon to you to explore. There's a sophisticated hideaway tucked into the heart of paradise, just for you.

    The rooms and suites at Isla Palenque suspend you in a place where verdant jungle meets sun-drenched beach, where the laid-back becomes luxurious and where the wild never seemed so sophisticated. Our eco-resort rooms allow you to indulge in island luxury with the peace of mind that you aren’t harming the incredibly diverse ecosystems just waiting to be discovered from your doorstep.

    During 2017 and the first half of 2018, you can book a stay at Isla Palenque for an exclusive boutique resort experience at our Villa Estate. For stays from mid-2018 and later, you will be able to also choose our bungalow-style Beach Suites or our lux-camping-style Tented Suites to bring the thrill of luxury camping to our wildly beautiful island.

    room locations at Panama resort Isla Palenque

    Rates vary depending on the season. To take advantage of the complete luxury adventure travel experience offered at Isla Palenque and the best rates, we recommend viewing our vacation packages.

    Room Type Green Season
    (1 May - 30 Nov)
    High Season
    (1 Dec - 19 Dec; 6 Jan - 30 Apr )
    Hliday Season
    (20 Dec - 5 Jan)
    Estate Rooms
    Villa Estate (6 rooms) 1299 1699 2499

    *All prices shown in USD

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    Rooms & Rates

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