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    Panama Packing Essentials

    [Download PDF]
    • Lightweight hiking clothes: Bring at least one hiking-friendly outfit for each day you will be on the island. Laundry service is also available if you prefer to pack light.
    • Pants: While the weather is usually very warm, we recommend bringing long, sturdy pants for hikes through the jungle or over rocky terrain. And linen pants provide comfortable protection for the early morning and evening times when it can occasionally feel quite cool, and when bugs are most noticeable.
    • Shoes: Hiking boots are great, but definitely not a requirement. Almost any athletic shoe will do, so long as it covers the foot (to prevent scrapes, scratches, and insect bites) and provides good traction (to help with steeper sections of our trails). Waterproof or quick-drying shoes give you the freedom to move at whim between coastal beaches and inland jungles.
    • Swimsuit, quick-drying sportswear: The Pacific Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama is an excellent swimming spot -- the waters around Isla Palenque are warm, shallow, and generally very calm -- safe even for younger swimmers. For island-hopping tours, you’ll need clothes that can get wet, as you will be disembarking on the beaches of neighboring islands where the waves can be a bit unpredictable at times.
    • Sunscreen & bug spray: Locally-made bug spray will be available in each guestroom on the island as well as during scheduled tours. However, if you are one of those sweet ones that bugs seem to love, you might consider bringing additional, higher concentration repellent. SPF is a must, too: at a little over 8 degrees from the equator, Isla Palenque’s tropical sunshine can be damaging without proper protection.
    • Breezy beachwear and summery attire: Stay cool and comfortable in the tropical heat and humidity with light, airy clothing such as linen pants, sundresses, light slacks or shorts, short sleeve button-down shirts, lightweight chinos, and tank tops.
    • Dress clothes & dinner attire: There is no dress code at our restaurants, but you are more than welcome to dress up for a night of fine dining at Edén, or simply match the splendor of the sunset while enjoying a cocktail at Las Rocas.
    • Light jacket or raincoat: A day or two of traveling in Panama is often all it takes to become acclimated to tropical temperatures, and a light jacket will come in handy for the cooler evenings on Isla Palenque. For those visiting us during rainy season, we keep an ample store of umbrellas, but having your own raincoat or poncho will make sudden showers and rain hiking much more pleasurable.
    • Mountain gear (for tours in Boquete): If you are taking our Boquete tour, please be advised that the climate in the mountains is significantly cooler than on the island. You’ll likely appreciate long sleeve shirts and pants.
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