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  • Panama Weather

    Isla Palenque is located 8 degrees North of the equator, with consistent temperatures year-round: highs typically hover around 92 Fahrenheit (33 Celsius), lows around 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius).

    While the temperature remains constant, Panama weather varies over the course of the year. Based on the typical weather patterns at Isla Palenque, we’ve divided the year into three travel seasons:

    “Dry” Season: mid-December to mid-April

    High travel season coincides with what many consider the best weather in Panama – there’s nearly 0% chance of rain for a solid four months. While abundant sunshine is usually a vacationer’s dream, keep in mind that by February, the jungle will not look quite as lush as it does later in the year.

    “Green” Season: late-April through September

    Most of the days you spend on Isla Palenque during green season will be sunny or partly cloudy, with an afternoon or evening storm that typically lasts a few hours. It’s not uncommon to experience a full day or two of rain during this period. The likelihood of rain increases as the season progresses, with storms being much more common in September than April.

    “Rainy” Season: October through mid-December

    When it rains, it pours. During these months, we’ve occasionally experienced an entire week of rain, and our tours and amenities are adjusted to make the most of these glorious downpours. Sometime around mid-December, the rain will break and not return for months. Don’t let the rain discourage you, though: October is the very best month for humpback whale sightings in the Gulf – you can often see them breach from our beaches.

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