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  • Special Occasions at Isla Palenque

    Celebrate your special event at our unique luxury eco-resort

    Far away from the distractions of civilization, Isla Palenque is a unique private island destination where life-changing travel in Panama can encompass some of the most meaningful milestones for you and your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, our welcoming wilds promise to make your unique honeymoon or destination wedding, executive retreat, or special group visit something truly unforgettable for all who attend. Our luxury eco-resort accommodations are ideal for groups requiring 6-16 rooms – and if you need every last suite, you’ll share a singular opportunity to call Isla Palenque your private island home for the duration of your shared stay.

    Contact us to learn more about packages and exclusive offers available for groups.

    Corporate Retreat

    Retreat or corporate event with your team Some say putting on a suit makes you a better performer… well, our island turns that idea on its head as your team shares the physical and mental challenges of navigating a stunning private island wilderness, developing new skills and perspectives while partaking in our tours and activities, to cap each day of Panama adventure with indulgent dining experiences, and the time to refresh both mind and body amid the beauty of this captivating corner of undiscovered Chiriqui, Panama. Isla Palenque is a destination that challenges the common perception of luxury, and inspires visitors to think big thoughts about the world and their place within it. Exceed the expectations of your top performers, and they will return to their calling motivated to exceed the expectations that have been defined for them. Contact us to begin planning an unforgettable retreat or corporate event for your team.

    The mix of luxury, attention to detail, attentiveness of staff and adventure was just perfect. From the beautiful oceanfront room down to the gourmet food and drinks, no detail was overlooked. [ stayed April 2013 ] "

    A Unique Honeymoon

    Couple Hiking and Bird Watching Isla Palenque is a sanctuary for you to celebrate the beauty of being together. Explore jungle trails without another soul in sight, find one of our private pocket beaches to relax on for the day, and experience natural wonders together on our guided tours. Our honeymoon package includes a day-trip to a completely uninhabited island in the Gulf of Chiriqui, where you will be left alone to share a true desert island experience in complete privacy (we will, however, leave you with a gourmet picnic lunch, complete with champagne and a selection of tropical fruits). Immerse in a timeless wilderness as pure as new love; escape to our intimate rooms sheltered by lush jungle; push your limits together on a once-in-a-lifetime Panama adventure, and indulge in our pampering treatments as a pair with a couples’ massage. Book our honeymoon package >>


    Natural wedding celebration Love is the greatest adventure of all, and we believe that your celebration should be as unique as the journey that love is sure to take you on. Our team will help you create a one-of-a-kind destination wedding in the heart of our unique Panamanian wilderness. Whether you wish to be married with your feet in the tide, by the light of a roaring beach bonfire with those closest to you, or in a secret jungle cove that only you two will know how to find again, preserve your one true love in a place that will continue to radiate its pristine natural beauty for generations to come. If you dream of a small, intimate wedding of with up to 30 guests in one of the most breathtaking hidden corners of the world, Isla Palenque is the perfect place. Contact us today to begin planning your unique destination wedding.

    Family Gatherings

    Playtime with family Tradition doesn’t have to mean repetition – bring your family closer together by embarking on a big adventure. With 400 acres, miles and miles of trails, and tours of various levels of difficulty, Isla Palenque provides plenty of room for everyone to find their own unique adventure suited to their age, ability, and interest. Even the less outdoorsy members of your family can relish a refreshing tropical escape via poolside relaxation and enjoyment of our twelve beaches. Experience the beauty of being immersed in a wilderness paradise together, and gather new meaning for your family’s journey in our rooms and suites nestled into the jungle surround. Come together again each evening at our sophisticated, intimate restaurants for family dinners that will delight and nourish a bond that will deepen throughout your travel in Panama and beyond. Contact us to begin planning your once-in-a-lifetime family gathering.

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