• Sustainability at Isla Palenque

    Committed to preserving the pristine beauty of our singular site.

    At The Resort at Isla Palenque, both owners of our vacation homes and guests of our boutique hotel experience all the comforts and amenities you expect from a high-end luxury eco-resort while still treading lightly on the planet. By preserving and sustaining the land, wildlife and local culture, we ensure that Isla Palenque will remain a pristine, natural setting for our residents and guests to enjoy for generations to come.

    Isla Palenque is a model for modern eco-friendly resort design and practices. Our efforts include:

    • Less than 5% of our 400 acres will be built upon, including all buildings, roads and trails. As stewards of Isla Palenque, we will protect this secluded gem from uncontrolled development.
    • We protect 220 acres (over half the island) of our forests, lagoons and mangroves as a private forest preserve.
    • We are developing and building at standards that meet LEED Platinum Certification, making our island real estate among the most ecologically responsible in the world.
    • Our architectural designs have been optimized to substantially reduce energy needs compared to most resorts with our high level of service and comfort.
    • Our water conservation and treatment techniques employ sophisticated water filtration methods and modern water saving devices, and our greywater is used to supply all irrigation needs.
    • At Isla Palenque we reduce, reuse and recycle to eliminate as much solid waste as possible. Our composting program converts food waste into compost for our farm.
    • Most of the produce served in our restaurants is grown in our on-island organic farm.
    • Our buildings are designed to complement their natural surroundings and harmonize with the stunning setting. The design honors the land and Panamanian culture while achieving a contemporary look and feel. Time-tested passive cooling techniques reduce the need for air conditioning while providing cool comfort.
    • We use primarily native plants in our landscaping, reducing irrigation needs; minimal pesticides or herbicides are used in their maintenance.
    • The Panama resort at Isla Palenque employs local people; we patronize and partner with local businesses. Our goal is to support the local economy and provide sustainable employment and income to our neighbors here in Panama.
    • Local guides are available to provide guests with opportunities to visit area businesses and schools. Our mission is to educate visitors on local customs and cross-cultural issues.
    • Through guided tours and printed materials, The Resort at Isla Palenque provides guests and residents with education on: our sustainability practices, island flora and fauna, pre-Columbian history and archeology, the culture of the nearby Ngöbe–Buglé tribe and local arts and artisans. A future education center on the island will serve to foster ongoing study of these issues.
    • We partner with the local community to support projects benefitting the health, safety and growth of the community, and work to develop practices that keep the environment and character of the area maintained.

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