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    Our Pledge to Keep the Island Wild

    Isla Palenque was a wild and pristine paradise when we discovered it, and our goal is for it to remain that way. Our mission at Amble Resorts is to develop Isla Palenque in a manner that respects and cherishes the island and its natural inhabitants. Our Master Plan calls for 220 homes on the island, and up to 80 hotel rooms -- but we develop with a very light touch: when complete, our building footprint will take up only 5% of the island, with over half of the island set aside as a nature preserve. We have painstakingly designed our buildings and roads to conform to the land, working around old-growth trees and boulders, minimizing disturbance of terrain and waterways, and ensuring that the resort and homes feel like a genuine extension of the island’s astounding natural amenities. Our development is focused on areas previously cleared by farmers for crops or cattle grazing, and our 220-acre nature preserve protects the old-growth jungle and biodiverse lagoons.

    You won’t find a residential resort community with a stronger sense of environmental preservation – but don’t just take it from us: we’ve already been recognized by prestigious organizations for our commitment to sustainability. Our Master Plan was awarded an ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) award for designing and planning: this presentation shows the in-depth study and siting of the island we completed before breaking ground. While the first phase of our premier Panama resort was under construction, our sustainable initiatives received another recognition in sustainability. By recommendation from The International Ecotourism Society, with whom we collaborate on sustainable development awareness efforts, Isla Palenque was recognized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as one of a very small group of sustainable hotels worldwide that appropriately implement biodiversity principles for the siting and design of resorts and hotels. You can see our case study detailed on page 31 of their publication, released in 2012. Also in 2012, Amble Resorts had the distinction of receiving the Positive Luxury Blue Butterfly seal of approval for environmentally-sensitive luxury products recommended for today’s conscious consumers.

    Explore our Master Plan to learn more about the sustainable development of Isla Palenque.  
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