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    Perhaps one of our greatest joys on Isla Palenque is found in witnessing the transformation of a weary traveler, still burdened by the worries of everyday life, into a person barely recognizable as the same one who arrived on our island only days before -- standing taller, smiling bigger, and seeing clearer.

    Rediscover how wonderful it feels to breathe fresh air, wake up with the sun, and let the natural beauty overcome you. Our wellness classes and spa treatments will stimulate your mind, stretch your limbs and center your soul so that you can return to daily life feeling invigorated.

    At our luxury eco-resort, wellness isn't about cloying your senses with artificial aromas or chemical applications engineered to transport you -- you've already arrived in a place with a natural ability to provoke euphoria in those fortunate enough to find it. Drawing our inspiration from the pristine natural surround and its perfect balance, we've created wellness experiences that will allow your mind and body a complete reprieve from the sterile, the synthetic, and the simulated.

    From the moment they greet you at the pier, it's clear you are meant to relax, indulge and enjoy. [ stayed March 2013 ] "

    Explore our wellness opportunities below to better understand how you will find your balance, regain your energy, discover your bliss, and indulge in a few hedonistic pleasures of the healthiest sort -- with plenty of time to simply relax and allow tropical rejuvenation to dawn on you slowly.

    Stimulation: Explore

    Explore through the jungle Our tours and classes are intended to do much more than keep you entertained while we have you here at our Panama resort – they are designed to teach you something new about yourself and the world. We want you to feel like the very first explorer of this place – for its revelations to arise from the depths of your consciousness, not come to you in a neat little package. Our guides provide a path and insight into the biological, historical, and cultural importance of the stunning wilderness through which you will pass, but the real learning begins when your Palenque experience intersects with your individual contribution to the world.

    Indulgence: Enjoy Wholesome Organic Meals

    Indulge in traditional organic cuisine Nourishment is elevated on Isla Palenque, where the seaside setting of our restaurants brings a sense of grandeur to the simplest of dishes, and where a fresh take on traditional recipes encourages you to try the authentic cuisine of Panama. Every meal on Isla Palenque is packed with vital nutrients thanks to the rich volcanic soil of the region, and our delectable island cuisine entices your appetite with flavors both pleasingly familiar and sensationally new.

    Sustain the sense of wellbeing you’ll enjoy while staying on our island with all-natural and organic foods, primarily from our own organic farm and orchard, with other produce and ingredients sourced from the local farming community in Chiriqui, Panama: chickens raised on the island or by nearby farmers, beef and pork raised by Chiriqui ranchers, fish from local fishermen, and grains, spices, and other goods native to the area.

    We favor healthy oils and good fats, and balance every meal with fresh courses incorporating luscious indulgent elements that will tempt you to exercise an “I’m on vacation” attitude towards eating -- but that won’t leave you feeling the guilt of overindulgence.

    We’ll always include a vegetarian option on our daily menus. If you have special dietary needs you would like us to accommodate, please contact us before your visit.

    Relax: Do Nothing

    Sit back and relax For all the heart we put into treating you to one-of-a-kind wellness offerings at our luxury eco-resort, we understand that the purest form of well-being is a simple moment alone. Sneak away and allow yourself the freedom to let your mind wander in contemplation of your pristine natural surroundings. There are few places in the world where you can enjoy a beach all to yourself, or walk just a few paces out from the entrance to your room and feel as though you’re the sole inhabitant of a powerful wild paradise. Relish it.

    Balance: Practice Yoga - Coming Later

    Practice Yoga by the sea What better place to practice ancient meditation techniques than in the shade of our old-growth jungle, looking out onto the sea without a sign of civilization in sight? (coming soon).

    Energy: Push Yourself with Outdoor Fitness

    Outdoor adventurous workout Fitness isn't kept in confinement on Isla Palenque -- here, days filled with heart-pounding active adventures begin with an outdoor workout before the sun has had a chance to warm the island air. We've designed a cross-training circuit of beach and jungle fitness exercises ranging from cardio to weight training to stretching and yoga; with small class sizes ensuring personalized attention, all our classes are easily adjusted to your personal level of fitness. When you arrive, ask about times to join us in front of Las Rocas. Our goal is to bring new energy to your workout routine so you leave Isla Palenque feeling strong and healthy.

    Bliss: Decompress at our Palm Grove Spa

    Treat yourself to bliss and relaxation at our spa From its location in a shady palm grove suspended between the jungle and the sea, our spa coaxes you into a private protected cove where the natural sounds of birdsong, breezes, and waves create soft paradisiacal harmonies for you to float away on as our treatments elevate you to a sublime state of being. Locally-sourced mineral clays, aromatic oils, and fresh botanicals prepared onsite just before your arrival treat you to their relaxing natural fragrances even before our spa attendant spoils you with their sumptuous textures.

    Detox from travel fatigue the day of your arrival, dedicate a morning massage to aligning your body, mind and spirit before a day of adventure, and cherish the purity and balance you’ve found in our calming wilderness by letting us take the ache out of your hiking muscles before you bid Isla Palenque a reluctant farewell.

    We offer relaxation and deep tissue massages, full body exfoliation and moisturizing, and manicure/pedicure, by advance appointment only.

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