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    Amble is a company composed of individuals who are passionate about the places we've traveled, the experiences we're crafting, and each of our individual role in bringing the vision to life. The corporate culture at our office in Chicago is inquisitive, open, and informal. Carving out a path through new terrain applies to our office staff as much as it does to those discovering the deep jungles or mangrove forests of our destinations. At Amble, each individual is an entrepreneur of their pursuit, and the ability to work and produce independently is imperative for any contributor of our growing team.

    We believe in a holistic approach to the design and implementation of our resort projects: finance, design, marketing and resort management collaborate to ensure that our mission permeates all aspects of our output. Our conference room table is the foundation for our best ideas; the drawing board overflows with vivid inspiration images, notes straight from the island smudged with dirt, and our shining master plan. Gathering here never fails to inspire.

    Opportunities for rapid advancement exist for those with ambition, dedication and talent. Job titles are less important than ideas and abilities. Amble Resorts is not a good fit for the average employee who wants to be told exactly what to do and coast through life on a preordained career path. We provide a stimulating work environment for hard-working and truly devoted people with passion for their profession, enthusiasm for travel, and an interest in making serious contributions to a growing company.

    In addition to the intrinsic benefits of working for a growing company with an open corporate culture, some other benefits associated with employment at Amble include:

    • Health Insurance: Amble pays 80% of the premium for employees and 40% of those for employees' dependents.
    • Business Education: Amble provides regular seminars and lectures on subjects related to all aspects of our business, allowing employees to gain a well-rounded understanding of what we do.
    • Personal Education: Amble provides full reimbursement for work-related book purchases contributed to our library, and partial-to-full reimbursement for other forms of continuing education.
    • Vacation and Personal Time: Amble has an “Open Hours” policy – we focus on the results that teams and individuals achieve and do not track personal or vacation time. Everyone is expected to work hard, but team members are also encouraged to work with their direct supervisor to determine a set of regular office hours suited to their lifestyle.
    • Vacation Stipends: Amble provides reimbursement for a substantial portion of vacations whose experiences can be applied to our efforts; all we ask in return is that the employee share their experiences and insights learned with the company.
    • Summer Hours: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Amble's Chicago office institutes "summer hours” in which our offices officially close at 12:30 p.m. every Friday.

    (Some of these benefits apply to employees at the Chicago office only; benefits at other locations may vary.)

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