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    Your endless curiosity and appetite for adventure can’t wait until your next journey – so continue your travels with a group of people as passionate as you are. Meet the team of travel writers sharing their stories on The Ambler.

    • Amanda Throckmorton

      Amanda Throckmorton

      Amanda is a freelance writer looking for opportunities to wrap her arms around the world. California-bred, she’s lived in South Korea, circled the globe on......MORE

    • Jerrod Johnson

      Jerrod Johnson

      Jerrod is a real estate development professional based in Colorado. He has devoted his career to creating places where great travel memories happen, helping to......MORE

    • Laura Moller, Amble Resorts

      Laura Moller

      Laura works as the Client Representative for the Amble Resort on Isla Palenque. She is loving life abroad and spends every free moment soaking in......MORE

    • Jacqueline Berkery, travel writer

      Jacqueline Berkery

      Jackie is a wanderer at heart – she’s moved from Chicago to Boston to Spain to Argentina. Though she now resides in Denver, Colorado, she’s......MORE

    • Dance Aoki

      Dance Aoki

      Dance Aoki is a playwright, poet, freelance writer, artist, activist, caretaker, aspiring social entrepreneur and all-around do-it-yourselfer who enjoys tasting culinary flavors from around the......MORE

    • Al Argueta, travel writer

      Al Argueta

      Al has been traveling to Central America since the age of three when he first visited his father’s Guatemalan homeland. He now splits his time......MORE

    • Allie Kleinman

      Allie Kleinman

      Allie loves travel, adventure, and the great outdoors. She has worked in the hospitality, tourism development, and marketing sectors and recently discovered she really enjoys......MORE

    • Emily Kinskey, Amble Resorts

      Emily Kinskey

      When Emily’s not dreaming up her next journey, she’s brainstorming creative ways to get other people to travel as a member of Amble Resorts’ marketing......MORE

    • Bina Joseph

      Bina Joseph

      A passionate traveler, Bina has lived and worked in India, UAE, UK, and USA. Having visited 40+ countries and with a Master’s degree in English,......MORE

    • Rachel Kowalczyk, Amble Resorts

      Rachel Kowalczyk

      Rachel travels constantly – she is transported around the world every day through the storytelling of a group of travelers, writers, and photographers she feels privileged to......MORE

    • Michael Titgemeyer, travel photographer

      Michael Wesley Titgemeyer

      Michael’s journeys have taken him to twenty-one countries on five continents (so far), but the majority of his images are native to California, as is......MORE

    • Megan Wood

      Megan L. Wood

      Megan is a travel writer and full-time free spirit. She spent three months in Belize as a writer-in-residence for the Belize Tourism Board, experiencing everything......MORE

    • Stephen Chapman, travel writer

      Stephen Chapman

      Stephen left a lucrative career in the oil industry in 2006 to inspire a more sustainable and humanitarian approach to exploring the world. He established......MORE

    • Laurie Felker Jones, Mother Jones crew

      Laurie Felker Jones

      Laurie is the Chief Dreamer and Doer of www.SoManyBeaches.com. Proudly born and raised in Texas, she has traveled and lived in countries on five continents.......MORE

    • Jennifer Billock

      Jennifer Billock

      Jen is a wanderlustful travel writer, always looking for unique destinations to play in.  She’s interested in traveling to the strangest and most far-flung locales…......MORE

    • Clarissa Caldwell

      Clarissa Caldwell

      Clarissa Caldwell works as a writer, artist, and yoga teacher in Walla Walla, Washington. She has lived in France, South America, and Australia, as well......MORE

    • Jacki Gillcash

      Jacki Gillcash

      Jacki Gillcash is a born-and-bred Canuck who seizes every opportunity to escape the dreary Canadian winter. A multi-award-winning journalist, Jacki has returned to her writing......MORE

    • Lacey Kohlmoos

      Lacey Kohlmoos

      A wanderer at heart, Lacey has worked as an actress, director, waitress, traveler, teacher and international development practitioner. After living and traveling in 26 different......MORE

    • BAL-Portraitx300

      Benjamin Loomis

      Ben is the Founder and President of Amble Resorts. His professional bio can be seen on Amble’s Executive Team page. He currently spends most of......MORE

    • Kyle Ellison, travel writer

      Kyle Ellison

      Kyle Ellison is a freelance writer based somewhere between Maui, Hawaii and Lake Tahoe, California. When not writing, Kyle can either be found scuba diving......MORE

    • Molly Rutkowski, Amble Resorts

      Molly Rutkowski

      When Molly was 15 her parents decided that, instead of their annual beach resort vacation in the Caribbean, they were going to take their daughters......MORE

    • Rebecca Barria

      Rebecca Barria

      Rebecca Barria is a city girl with a pastoral spirit. A freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia, she likes to recharge by communing with nature,......MORE

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    [post_content] => Isla Palenque is a 400-acre island in Panama, covered with mature forests, lagoons, mangroves and beach ecosystems. A highly varied topography complements this varied natural environment. You may become intimately acquainted with one corner of the island by experiencing its unique qualities… yet you won’t necessarily understand any other part of the island. Isla Palenque may be difficult to get to know, but for this same reason, the island rewards extensive hiking.

Saying “400 acres of highly varied landscape” doesn’t actually give you a feel for Palenque’s size. Nor do our descriptions of “low-impact development” show you just how low-density the Resort at Isla Palenque is, especially compared to almost every other resort. Unless you’ve been involved in development planning, architecture, or a similar field, you probably need to see it to believe it.

Personally, I find it useful to compare Palenque to other places I know in order to get an intuitive feel for its size and scale. Google Earth’s satellite imagery helps me realize Palenque’s unspoiled wilderness and the size and shape of this island I’ve explored.

Take a virtual tour through this slideshow. See if it helps you picture Isla Palenque and appreciate the size of the island, as well as the inexhaustible opportunities for adventure in its diverse environments!

[show-slideshow-link id=1 caption="Sizing up Isla Palenque in Panama: Low-Impact Development" image_url="http://amble.com/ambler/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/3-Chicago1-600x400.jpg"]

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