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About Courtney Grant, Pharm.D.

Courtney Grant, Pharm.D.


I'm Courtney Grant and I was a Clinical Assistant Professor at a number of Universities across New Zealand. She received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University and nowadays her practice areas include rural health, community pharmacy, and ambulatory care. After earning her Pharm.D. Courtney completed a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical pharmacokinetics.

Courtney Grant specializes in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Courtney has the scholarship of teaching and learning pharmacy-based patient education, transitions of care, pharmacodynamic modeling and pharmacy management. Courtney focuses on her training in ambulatory care. She has served as coordinator and preceptor in several clinical programs and completed the teaching certificate program at the Mercer University.

After many years she has accumulated a wealth of experience, thanks to which she is now in private practice. Courtney has several thematic medical blogs where she shares her experience with people. She believes that each of us should have at least minimal medical knowledge. That's why she writes her articles and blogs. Everyone can learn a lot of useful things from them.