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    Just as our island is an extraordinary and singular wilderness worthy of preservation, the story of our sustainable development journey and unique take on luxury adventure offers a fresh perspective on the future of Panama travel, experience travel, and personalized resort luxury.

    Isla Palenque is 400 acres and our team can lead you on over 20 tours tailored to your passion and tastes – everyone will leave our Panama resort with a distinctive story to tell. We look forward to sharing our incredible island with you.

    Members of the media that are on assignment can contact the Public Relations department for more information and opportunities for visiting Isla Palenque.

    Please send inquiries to: Emily Kinskey, Marketing Manager ekk@amble.com

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    We love to share our story – let us guest post for your publication.

    Our rich travel anthology encompasses wildlife encounters we’ll never forget, moments that stirred our souls within the natural paradise of Isla Palenque, and many a Panama adventure shared with a local friend – and it’s got us telling our stories to anyone who’ll listen.

    If you would like an exclusive feature article, blog post, slideshow or photo essay for your publication, contact us to inquire about guest content from one of our in-house storytellers. We can promise real-time reporting from paradise, cultural immersion via inspired storytelling, and a whole lot of natural wonder.

    Exclusive accounts of our island discoveries have appeared in OutdoorMinded and Ocean Home magazines, and we gladly introduced GotSaga’s community of intrepid and ever-curious travelers to the intricacies of sustainable design and eco-development underlying our mission. If you, like Hospitality Design magazine, are interested in spreading the word about luxury adventure travel experiences that invite you into the heart of the wilderness, then we’d love to share a story with your readers to let them vicariously explore our endlessly fascinating island in Panama. We’re not stingy with the imagery, either -- stunning photos captured within our island wilderness have been featured in the National Geographic “World in Focus” contest and on Let’sBeWild.

    To inquire about guests posts, contact Rachel Kowalczyk, Managing Editor for The Ambler rmk@amble.com

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