• About

    Zophora is an Amble Resort

    The Resort and Residences at Zophora will embody the fusion of Amble Resorts' expertise in sustainable design and excellence in resort management. Our mission is to provide life-changing travel experiences. Our unique resort at Zophora will combine utmost ecological sensitivity, refined sophistication and awe-inspiring exploration never before experienced holistically in Belize. At Amble Resorts, we go farther than even the best travel companies and sustainable hotels in creating eco-resorts with sustainability at the very foundation.

    Zophora has been designed in such a way that the entire development could be carefully packed up at any moment and it would be as if the land had been uninhabited always. With mangrove and coral systems at risk the world over, we will ensure that the caye is not only sustained, but monitored and cleared of ocean pollution so that it may breathe and flourish more than if it were left unstewarded.

  • What’s in a Name?

    Zophora is derived from the word Rhizophora, the scientific name of the primary form of mangrove plant that composes Long Caye, Lighthouse Reef Atoll. While it might seem a simple choice — naming the place for its physical makeup — we truly believe that Zophora is more than longitudinal coordinates or a graceful composition of species, it is a life-changing experience. We were humbled at the task of naming a place that is at once universal and singular, about both discovery and realization, excitement and peacefulness, the sound of your own breath and the thrill of storytelling. We couldn't find a word that encompassed the enormity of wonder we experienced at Zophora. It could only be described as what it is: an experience of both root and reef, land and sea. It is an understanding of each and their relationship to each other like never before. Zophora opened to us a view of the world we’d not experienced before, and each person who spends time there dreams of when they will next be rooted by that blissful feeling again. The unfamiliar, even otherworldly, quality of the name Zophora is a perfect fit for the singular beauty of the experience to be had on and beyond her shores.

    If you would like to learn more about the process of sustainable development of resorts and residences in ecologically-sensitive destinations, follow our journey on The Ambler, or if you just cannot get enough of our mangrove and coral paradise, please explore the Belize section of The Ambler or sign up for weekly updates via email.

    To speak with us directly about Zophora or Amble Resorts, contact us.


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